Design horse blankets made with love

Hi there! Maybe you found us via Instagram or Facebook? Where ever you discovered us at first, we are happy that you are here now. Here is a brief introduction about us, who we are and what we do.

Who we are?

Sävy Horse Blankets is a Finnish design horse blanket brand, established in 2017. The brand was born first for a charity project but after a time it grew bigger than just a project. Today, we are making blankets for passion and sharing joy! ♦

Doing things right!

We at Sävy (pronounced ” sa-vē ”) believe that doing thigs right, makes the world a better place for everyone. Therefore, we are paying attention to sustainability, ethicality and transparency in the supply chain. We are agile, yet innovative small company and we operate with recognized Finnish & Nordic suppliers. We produce limited editions of design blankets and custom designs, all of them are made in Finland. Our style is robust, clean and nordic – like we are as nation.

We stand for quality. The word ”premium” means, that all is hand made from high quality yarns. The products are designed for serve years when treated correctly. We say no to child labour, animal cruelty, pollution, plastic and disposable products, but we say yes to happiness, well-being, all horse races and friendship! ♦

Sävy blankets are always luxurious, premium quality, sustainable and convenient to use.

Got interested in?

In the world of Sävy, nearly everything is possible. Currently, due to limited resources, we are having the WebShop in finnish language but at some stage it will be translated in english, as most likely the rest of the pages. If you are interested in our products, located in EU or US and you wish to place an order, please send us email! Also in other product or brand related questions, media requests, investors etc. please leave us a message. It will be much appreciated. We do our very best to answer you all. ♦

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